Steps per day and all-cause mortality in middle-aged adults

A prospective cohort study from the US was performed in  2110 young adults of 38 to 50 years, wearing an accelerometer. Patients were followed during a mean of 10,8 years.

Daily steps were classified as low (< 7000 steps/d), moderate (7000 – 9999 steps/d) and high ( > 10000 steps/d) and stepping intensity as peak 30-minute-stepping rate and time spent at 100 steps/min or more.

Outcome prameter was all-cause mortality.

During the follow-up period 72 patients (3.4 %) died.

There was significantly lower risk of mortality in the moderate and high step groups. This lower risk was about equal in Black and White participants and also in women. There was, however, no association of step intensity with mortality.

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