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May 25, 2021
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July 1, 2021

Myths about Covid

  1. Vaccination changes the genes. this is untrue, the genes remain unchanged. The (RNA) vaccines do not enter the cells and thus also do not reach/affect DNA which is in the cell nucleus. The genes are made up of DNA.
  2. Vaccine development was too quick to be safe. Untrue, the development was quicker than usual because several steps usually performed after each other have now been done simultaneously. Also administrative procedures have been accelerated. However, every step, every procedure has been followed, so safety and efficacy are ensured.
  3. Vaccine side-effects. There are side-effects, but they are usually mild and consist of flue-like symptoms such as muscle and joint-pain, tiredness and unwellbeing, headache. They usually last a few days and are not dangerous. Actually it is a sign that the immune system is active and that is exactly the effect which is wanted. Also slight pain at the site of injection can occur and this is also short-lasting. There are more serious side-effects, but they are very rare.
  4. Infertility. This is absolutely no side-effect of the vaccines. However, there is limited research that Covid 19 itself may have a negative effect on fertility in men.
  5. Risk of allergy. The risk is limited and not different from other vaccines and medicines. Usually the allergic reaction is mild, but even in case of a more serious reaction, treatment is available and there is no reason not to take the vaccine. Also the so-called Covid arm with redness, swelling, hardness and pain, occurring about a week after the vaccination, is rare, harmless and will subside without permanent damage.
  6. Instant immunity. Immunity is not present instantaniously, but will be reached one to two weeks after the second vaccination. After the first shot immunity can protect people from the infection in a significant percentage .
  7. Vaccination for persons with pre-existent diseases. There is no reason for people with pre-existing disease or with imune-deficiencies not to be vaccinated. It is not dangerous and the protection is often as good as with people without the diseases.
  8. Microchip. The vaccination exerts its effect through the immune system and no there is absolutely no microchip involved.