FDIME EFIM 12th Clinical Seminar
FDIME-EFIM 12th Clinical Seminar, Paris: 4 – 6 July 2016
May 5, 2017
Dr Giulio Cavalli
FDIME Grant Award Ceremony at ECIM Congress, Milan 1 September 2017
September 11, 2017

FDIME at the ECIM Congress, Amsterdam 1 – 2 September 2016

S. Guillet Cheque Presentation


1. FDIME funded 3 prizes for Best Poster totalling 1000 Euros.

Dr Erna Sif Óskarsdóttir, Iceland (1st) Poster: ‘Vitamin D levels and blood glucose regulation in patients with acute coronary syndrome in Iceland’.

Dr Julien Castioni, Switzerland (2nd) Poster: ‘Prevalence and determinants of polypharmacy use in Switzerland: the population-based COLAUS study’

Dr Ali Sakhnini, Israel (3rd). Poster: ‘A predictive model of in-hospital mortality of acutely admitted medical patients’.

1st and 2nd Poster Prize Winners Awards:
Dr Erna Sif ÓskarsdóttirDr Julien Castioni

2) Presentation of the 2015 FDIME Research Grant Award for the Study of Rare Diseases

Prof Daniel Sereni, FDIME President presented a Cheque and Award Certificate to Dr Stéphanie Guillet, France - the recipient of the 2015 Research Grant. Dr Guillet gave a presentation outlining her research project: ‘Familial Lupus - identifying new disease causing genes in Lupus’.

S Guillet Cheque Presentation at the ECIM Congress, Amsterdam.

S Guillet Cheque Presentation at the ECIM Congress, Amsterdam