Doriella Galea from Malta and Ahmad Guiga from Tunisia
European School of Internal Medicine Summer School 2015
May 5, 2017

European School of Internal Medicine Winter School 2015

Caterina Delcea (Romania) and Ieva Sileikienė (Lithuania)
The Latvian Society of Internal Medicine hosted the winter ESIM course for the first time in Riga, 25-31 January 2015.

FDIME awarded educational bursaries to 2 Young Internists enabling them to attend this 1 week course targeted at 3rd or 4th year Residents in Internal Medicine. A total of 44 Young Internists from 20 countries attended.

Dr Caterina Delcea (Romania) (left) commented:
‘I was privileged to be part of the amazing experience offered by the EFIM Winter School 2015 and I highly recommend it to any fellow internist. Distinguished from any other type of educational seminar by the diversity it excels in, it enriched not only my clinical knowledge, but also my social interactions making it an overall awesome accomplishment. The people, the places, the conversations, the lectures and the trips, they all add up to an outstanding week of science, mentorship, inspiration, joy and fulfilment.’

Dr Ieva Šileikienė (Lithuania) (right) commented:
‘Everything was perfect and well planned – starting with lectures and workshops, delivered by very experienced and dedicated teachers (they even managed to bring four or five ultrasound machines to the workshop), ending with an excellent hotel, meals, and, of course, a social program, though the best aspect of this event is beyond question the participants – residents and young doctors from all over Europe. Attending ESIM reminded me that residency is not only about working in wards at daytime and exhaustive night shifts in ER, it is also about learning and teaching the younger’s, organizing events and communicating with each other.’