Dr Sabine Upmale and Dr Mariem Yahyaoui
ESIM Summer Course, Ede (The Netherlands) 24-28 June 2019
August 1, 2019

ESIM Winter Course, Levi, Lapland (Finland) 20-24 January 2020


FDIME Awarded Bursaries to 2 Young Internists:
Dr Justine Bruvere (Latvia), Dr Linda Kundzina (Latvia)

Dr Justine Bruvere (Latvia), Dr Linda Kundzina (Latvia)
Dr Justine Bruvere-Kaupe, 3rd year Resident in Internal Medicine, Riga East University Hospital, Latvia

I was honored to get FDIME bursary to attendESIM Winter school in Levi, Finland (19.-25.01.2020.) The main reasons why I wanted to participate in the ESIM Winter school was to increase knowledge in Internal Medicine topics, repeat and strengthen my advanced knowledge, socialize and exchange experience with my colleagues from different European countries and of course visit Finland for the first time. I managed to realize all of this and whole course impressed me even more. I expanded my mind and refreshed my passion of Internal Medicine.

First of all, I was impressed with the structure of the course: lectures and workshops every day were hold from 8am till 12pm then2 to 3 hours of free time to rest or enjoy outdoor activities and after that another session of studies from 3pm till 7pm. Daily agenda like this allowed to have some rest to accumulate endorphins and then get back to the lectures with so called ‘fresh head’.

The quality of course was excellent, ESIM Winter School covered all Internal Medicine topics, even acute situations in Internal Medicine. All lectures were evidence based, full of good quality and taught in a very high level of English. In my studies I have missed clinical path type lectures, in this course there were couple of these studies. Clinical paths allow to think, discuss and make conclusions. In small groups we could search different diagnosis and think about right investigations. I really enjoyed workshops.

The practical workshop of abdominal ultrasonography was prepared and performed amazing, that gave us some basic knowledge in this radiological method. Important point was socializing. I maybe wasn’t the most active participant, but I gradually get into group and I practically spoke with all residents of the countries. Interesting fact was that we have the same tasks and problems in our daily work. The main thing I gained for myself was a confidence that internist as profession has very important role in field of medicine. Internists should be wise and should have overall knowledge in multiple disciplines. During the course I have improved my English language level as well.

Thesewere amazing five days in my life! I would highly recommend this course for young internists. Thank you very much for this opportunity!

Dr. Linda Kundzina, 3rd Year resident in Internal medicine with focus in Endocrinology
Riga Stradins University, Riga East Clinical University hospital, Department of Endocrinology

I was exceptionally honoured by this wonderful possibility to be accepted as one of the delegates. Thanks to exceptional opportunity that have been given by Foundation of Development of Internal Medicine and Latvian Society of Internal Medicine funded bursaries, I was honoured to attend European School of Internal Medicine Winter school in the heart of Lapland.

Almost 50 young internists from 21 countries all around Europe joined ESIM Winter school and for almost a week we met wonderful lecturers with well prepared presentations, clinical path conferences, workshops about “less is more”.

I would like to point out that especially clinical path and clinical thinking lectures, as well as workshops were the most useful! I was completely fascinated how different and extraordinary Winter school was, presentation topics were fantastically chosen and interesting, with real life experiences and clinical puzzles. This week led me to understand how fantastic and extraordinary Internal medicine is compared to other disciplines.

We enjoyed life by fantastically organised social activities as husky safari, cross-country skiing, fatbike riding, searching for Aurora on frozen lake and experiencing one of the finish national activities as karaoke singing. It was so interesting how such a big group of people with different origins and nationalities from all around Europe banded together and gained new contacts that will be useful for all our lifes and the worst part was to say” Goodbye!”

I remember how at the first evening one of the main organizers dr. Ieva Ruža told that this will be the greatest week of our lives! And it sure was. For all my life I will remember how amazing adventure we had together! I gained so many things as introduction in clinical thinking, decision making, corporation in teams with new internists who same as me are at the beginning of our road. Thank You all for being there and sharing these moments together!