Dr Pinelopi Arvaniti
ECIM 18, Lisbon 29-31 August 2019, Award Ceremony
October 3, 2019
Malaga ECIM 2022
Short report 20th European Congress of Internal Medicine (ECIM), Malaga Spain
October 31, 2022

ECIM 18, Lisbon 29-31 August 2019

The European Congress of Internal Medicine (ECIM) 18 was held in Lisbon August 29-31. There were nearly 2000 participants.

Before the congress, as usual, the General Assemblee (GA) of EFIM took place. During this GA the FDIME President Daniel Sereni gave a short overview of the activities of FDIME, but also revealed proposed projects for the future. These projects were discussed during the FDIME GA on August 31. At that meeting a video/vlog project was an important issue and also donations (through the videos/vlogs?) and the employment of a bureau to advise on and help with sponsoring/donations. Nica Cappellini was proposed as a second Vice-President and Ewelina Biskup as a new Boardmember. Because not enough quorum was present, this was accepted by those present, to be confirmed at the next teleconference meeting.

During the congress both the FDIME President, Daniel Sereni and the FDIME Secretary General Jan Willem Elte chaired (poster) sessions, other FDIME Board members gave presentations.

Just before the closing ceremony the 2018 Travel Award winner Dr Pinelopi Arvaniti gave a short presentation of her scientific work on “Epigenetics in Autoimmune Liver Diseases” in Brest. On behalf of FDIME, prizes for the two best abstracts were awarded.