FDIME offers Grants and Bursaries to Young Internists from EFIM Member countries in the following areas:-

  1. European School of Internal Medicine
  2. Clinical Research Seminar
  3. Research Grants
  4. EFIM European Exchange Programme

1. European School of Internal Medicine (ESIM)

ESIM – an educational initiative of the European Federation of Internal Medicine (EFIM)

Since 2011, FDIME has offered a limited number of bursaries to fund ESIM registration fees to assist Young Internists (YIs) from low-income EFIM member countries to attend the Winter and Summer Courses of the European School of Internal Medicine.

The ESIM-FDIME Bursary Selection Committee (Chaired by Prof Daniel Sereni) assesses all applications and awards bursaries to the most suitable candidates.

Click here to download ESIM Bursary Requirements & Information.

To enquire about Bursaries for future ESIM courses, contact the FDIME Administrator email:

2. FDIME-EFIM Clinical Research Seminar in Paris

Bursaries are available for Young Internists/Researchers from EFIM Member
Countries who wish to apply for a place at the annual seminar.

The Clinical Research Seminar was established in 2003 by Prof Daniel Sereni, during his term as President of the European Federation of Internal Medicine. Initially the seminar was sponsored by Servier international. It was held annually from 2004 until 2009 in the facilities of Servier in Paris. From 2011 till 2017 the Seminar has been sponsored by Amgen (Europe) and by FDIME. Since 2018 Seminar is sponsored only by FDIME. It currently takes place annually in July at La Maison du Poumon (the House of Respiratory Medicine) in the Jardin du Luxembourg area of Paris.

This 3-day Seminar aims to give Young Internists an upgrade in their abilities to participate in clinical research, and to facilitate the development of a network of young clinical researchers inside the European Federation of Internal Medicine (EFIM). A list of the EFIM Member Countries is available at:
Up to 17 bursaries are awarded each year to Young Internists from EFIM member countries who seek to improve their clinical research skills. 10 – 12 international speakers give talks and interactive teaching sessions in English. Attending residents are required to give a short presentation (in English) of their own clinical research experience.

The bursaries cover the cost of 3 nights hotel stay and economy-rate travel to Paris. Selected Residents will be required to make their own travel booking to Paris. Travel expenses will be refunded after attendance at the Seminar. FDIME arranges the hotel accommodation.

The Seminar Organising Committee (Chaired by Prof Daniel Sereni) assesses all applications. Places are awarded to the most suitable candidates.

3. Research Grants for the Study of Rare Diseases and Auto-Immune Diseases

Since 2012, The Foundation for the Development of Internal Medicine in Europe (FDIME) has funded grants of up to 17,500 Euros each (for a maximum period of 1 year) for Young Internists under the age of 38 years to undertake research studies in two key areas:-

  1. Research projects in the study of rare diseases in adults.
  2. Research projects relating to the study of auto-immune diseases including all fields of General Internal Medicine, particularly polymorbidity and other common I.M. conditions.

The objective of the grants is to promote exchanges between European researchers enabling the recipients to undertake research. Candidates are expected to identify their own study location / institute.

The purpose of the grants is to provide part-funding to facilitate the applicant’s lifestyle and day-to-day living expenses during the period of research. It is not intended for the research study project itself.

All Grant funding provided by FDIME has to be justified. Applicants are required to submit a reasonable budget plan with their grant application, declaring any expected income and estimated living costs for the period of study. This can include travel expenses to/from the study location. The Research Grant Selection Board must be informed of any additional sources of funding that have been applied for, or are expected to be available to the applicant for the intended period of research.

Rare disease study projects are expected to be carried out outside the applicant’s present country of residence.

General Internal Medicine/auto-immune study projects can be carried out in the applicant’s own country, but in this case collaboration with at French institute is preferred. Alternatively, the research can be carried out entirely at a French institute.

4. EFIM European Exchange Programme

FDIME sponsors a number of scholarships for the European Exchange Programme of EFIM which is intended to provide Young Internists with opportunities to gain knowledge and skills. The aim of the Exchange Programme which started in 2012 is to promote short internships of one month among our European specialist Internal Medicine training centres.

The Programme is open to trainees in Internal Medicine from EFIM member countries. Each National Society will select their candidates. Both EFIM and FDIME sponsor scholarships.

All Applications for the Exchange Programme are managed by EFIM.
Details and contact information for the next phase of the programme are available on the EFIM website: