Aims & Vision

The aim of FDIME is to raise funds to support and promote research projects on rare diseases and auto-immune diseases; to provide Grants and Bursaries, and to offer advanced training courses and seminars for Young Internists.

FDIME seeks Projects from researchers who are interested to undertake clinical research on rare diseases and auto-immune diseases. Projects are assessed and selected by an international Scientific Committee. For further details can be viewed on our Research Grants page.

My vision for FDIME in the near future is to develop the activities of the Foundation in several areas.

The first is an increase in the participation of the Foundation in improving healthcare by supporting clinical research and innovation. Innovation is based on new and sometimes revolutionary therapeutic and diagnostic tools. But there are other types of innovations in healthcare. For example: a better implementation of integrated care (to improve patient care and experience by improved coordination), or the use of the internet and e–connected devices to improve compliance, security and quality of life. Some of these new methods of care do not receive enough financial support from industry or governments and need the help of organizations like FDIME. Secondly, Internal Medicine Educational activities are an important part of FDIME, offering encouragement and support to Young Internists from across Europe. My aim is to form a closer partnership with Young Internists and European national societies of Internal Medicine to identify areas of priority.

The Foundation seeks to work in closer partnership with patient representatives and associations, foundations or private and public organizations in sharing these objectives. We are already working with several national and European organizations dedicated to rare diseases; we will extend our partnership to other fields in the near future. A key aim is to expand the FDIME Board and more especially to increase its diversity by including more patient representatives and other personnel from outside the medical profession.

The ultimate objective of The Foundation is to provide a better level of care to our patients across Europe. I am convinced that the dedication of the FDIME Board Members and the transparency of our management will encourage individuals, organizations, healthcare stakeholders and other generous sponsors to support FDIME and help us to achieve our goals.

Prof Daniel Sereni
Foundation for the Development of Internal Medicine in Europe (FDIME)