Bursaries & Grants Available in 2019


Paris, 16 – 19 June 2019

Young Internists from EFIM member countries who are interested to upgrade their existing clinical research skills may apply for a place at the Clinical Research Seminar.

FDIME will provide funding for economy-rate travel and 3 nights hotel stay in Paris for 15 selected candidates.

Upload your current CV with your online application. Closing date: 15.05.2019
For further details, download:
CRS Announcement
CRS Schedule
CRS Application form
Or contact the FDIME Administrator email contact@fdime.org


Ede, The Netherlands, 24 – 28 June 2019


FDIME offers Bursaries to support Young Internists from low-income EFIM member countries to attend the next ESIM, hosted by the Dutch Society of Internal Medicine.
Arrival: Sunday 23 June 2019.
Departure: Saturday 29 June 2019.
Course dates: Monday 24 June (09.00 hr) to Friday 28 January 2019 (16.45 hr).
Venue: Akoesticum Ede, Nieuwe Kazernelaan 2 – D 426711 JC EDE.
Airport: Amsterdam, Schiphol Airport.
Bursary Application closing date: 31.03.2019.
For further details, download:
ESIM Bursary Information & Requirements
ESIM Bursary Application Form Summer 2019


Levi, Lapland, Finland, 21 – 25 January 2019


FDIME offers Bursaries to support Young Internists from low-income EFIM member countries to attend the next ESIM, hosted by the Finnish Society of Internal Medicine.
Arrival: Sunday 20 January.
Departure: Saturday 26 January 2019.
Course dates: Monday 21 January (09.00 hr) to Friday 25 January 2019 (16.45 hr).
Venue: Hotel Hullu Poro, Levi, Lapland.
Airport: Kittilä (connections from Helsinki).
Bursary Application closing date: 31.10.2018.
For further details, download:
ESIM Bursary Information & Requirements
ESIM Bursary Application Form Winter 2019


The Foundation for the Development of Internal Medicine in Europe (FDIME) is offering Research Grants to Young Internists (up to age 38 yrs) to study in two key areas:

  1. Research projects in the study of Rare Diseases in adults.
  2. Research projects including all fields of General Internal Medicine, particularly polymorbidity and other common I.M. conditions.

For further details, download:
Rare Disease Grant Announcement
Rare Disease Grant Application Form - closing date 30th June 2019
Internal Medicine Grant Announcement
Internal Medicine Grant Application Form - closing date 30th June 2019

For further information:
Contact the FDIME Administrator email: contact@fdime.org

Pierre Bergé

On September 7th, 2017, Pierre Bergé, a Board member of FDIME passed away. Pierre Bergé’s life is well known to the public. He was a successful businessman, an art collector, the owner of several major French newspapers, and of course the cofounder of Yves Saint-Laurent company. He was also an advocate of gays people rights and has highly contributed to the fight of HIV infection and AIDS in France and in Africa.

Pierre Bergé has generously supported the Foundation projects for research in rare diseases and education of young internist coming from poor resources countries. He hosted the annual meetings of the Foundation General Assembly in the Pierre-Bergé –Yves Saint-Laurent Foundation in Paris. He always gave us precise and practical advices. We will miss the friendly conversations we had with him about our projects. He was an exceptional person.

Pierre Bergé, membre du conseil de la FDIME est décédé le 7 septembre 2017. Sa vie, bien connue du public et a été largement rapportée par les médias. C’était un homme d’affaires efficace, un collectionneur d’art, le propriétaire de plusieurs importants journaux français et bien sûr le cofondateur de la maison Yves Saint-Laurent. Il fut aussi un avocat des droits des homosexuels et il a largement contribué à la lutte contre l’infection par le VIH et le SIDA en France et en Afrique.

Pierre Bergé a généreusement soutenu les projets de la Fondation pour la recherche sur les maladies rares et la formation des jeunes internistes des pays à ressources limitées. Il recevait tous les ans l’Assemblée Générale de la Fondation dans les locaux de la Fondation Pierre Bergé – Yves Saint- Laurent à Paris. Ses conseils étaient toujours avisés et pratiques. Les conversations amicales que nous avions avec lui à propos de nos projets nous manqueront. C’était un homme d’exception.

ESIM Summer Course, Ede (The Netherlands) 24-28 June 2019


FDIME Awarded Bursaries to 2 Young Internists:
Dr Sabine Upmale (Latvia), Dr Mariem Yahyaoui (Morocco)

Dr Sabine Upmale (Latvia), Dr Mariem Yahyaoui (Morocco)
Dr Sabine Upmale, 3rd year Resident in Internal Medicine, Riga East University Hospital, Latvia

I had a great honour to participate in the European School of Internal Medicine in Ede, Netherlands. Altogether we were 42 young internists from different countries who came to the Akoesticum in Ede in order to advance our clinical skills in internal medicine. At first, it seemed that it would be an enjoyable and interesting course, I was certain I would gain a lot of new knowledge and build strong relationships with new people. But never had I expected how excellent the course would actually be and that all the people I would meet, would have such a strong impact on me.

First of all, we stayed at a training centre for music, dance and theatre. It is located in a idyllic heritage site. This was the location where we all first met.

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ESIM Winter Course, Levi, Lapland (Finland) 21-25 January 2019


FDIME Awarded Bursaries to 2 Young Internists:
Dr Irina Starodubtseva (Russia), Dr Dana Kigitoviča (Latvia)

Dana Kigitoviča, 3rd Year Resident in Internal Medicine, Pauls Stradins Clinical University Hospital

I was honoured to be awarded with FDIME bursary for the attendance of ESIM Winter School in Levi, Finland (21-25.01.2019).

The ESIM Winter School has long been held in particularly high regard by several of my colleagues, and so I was delighted to have been chosen to attend.

My first impression of Levi’s ESIM Winter School was that it was very well-organised, with everything in place to allow the participants to feel comfortable and in a home-away-from-home.
The study programme was challenging, but we were also afforded plenty of opportunities to balance our work with social activities. This helped build a strong sense of team spirit during our stay.

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FDIME Conference report ECIM 17 in Wiesbaden

August 31 – September 1, 2018

During the excellent 17th ECIM in Wiesbaden (Congress President Professor Petra Maria Schumm-Draeger) the two 2017 Research Grant Recipients received their official Cheques and Certificates from Professor Daniel Sereni, President of the Foundation (FDIME).

Both Grant recipients gave a short presentation: Dr Guillaume Moulis from France (Thrombocytopenia at hospital admission and mortality risk: A population-based study in Denmark; study undertaken in Aarhus; € 20.000) and Dr Ewelina Biskup from Switzerland (Prognostic value of PGC-1α plasma levels in male breast cancer; study undertaken in Shanghai; € 10.000). See photographs.

Dr Guillaume Moulis
Dr Ewelina Biskup

Also during the same session the three Best Poster Awards were presented by Professor Daniel Sereni, Dr Jan Willem Elte, FDIME Secretary General and Professor Lorenzo Dagna (other committee members were: Professor Petra Maria Schumm-Draeger and Dr Ieva Ruza, President of Young Internists).

The Best Poster Award Winners were:

  1. Anakinra for recurrent pericarditis: results from a real world European registry (BEAT registry). Antonio Brucato, Silvia Maestroni et al. Poster A 1138
  2. Obesity Paradox in Peripheral Artery Disease. Karsten Keller, Lukas Hobohm et al. Poster A 1207
  3. Short vs Long Course Antibiotic THerapy in Community AcquiredPneumonia: a Comparison of Systematic Reviews and Guidelines for the SIMI Choosing Wisely Campaign. Poster A 2078

They respectively received € 500, € 300 and € 200.

ESIM Summer Course, Ede (The Netherlands) 25-29 June 2018


FDIME Awarded Bursaries to 2 Young Internists:
Dr Veronika Madesova (Latvia), Dr Samar Derbal (Tunisia)

Dr Veronika Madesova and Dr Samar Derbal
Dr Veronika Madesova, 2nd year Resident in Internal Medicine, Riga East University Hospital, Latvia

This summer (24 June – 30 June) I had an opportunity to participate in European Summer School of Internal Medicine (ESIM) which was held in Netherlands, Ede. The mains goals were to promote medical education and to make a place for exchange and friendship for young internists from sixteen different European countries. The central theme was “Internal Medicine in Harmony” and included several topics like basic problems in internal medicine, clinical reasoning, patient safety and care in virtual world, sonography for internists and multidisciplinary work in harmony. Summer School of Internal Medicine was organized and consisted of several theoretical lectures, interactive workshops, practical lessons in ultrasonography and clinical case presentations which were prepared by participants.

I was impressed by the quality of theoretical presentations and high level of lecturers. One of the most memorable lectures was about obesity – “Is obesity a disease” which was prepared by dr. Dicker – head of Internal Medicine Department and Obesity in Israel. He showed us recent researches about pathophysiology and development of obesity, the main differences in metabolism between obese and unobese patients and treatment strategies. I really enjoyed the way how lecturers handed their experience to the audience – young doctors who are towards the end of their training in Internal medicine. They tried to demonstrate their wide experience and knowledge through simple, but sometimes also through complicated clinical case study presentations. I found this way very attractive and effective for the audience - it was easy to perceive the information and analyze mistakes and failures.

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ESIM Winter Course, Levi, Lapland (Finland) 22-26 January 2018


FDIME Awarded Bursaries to 2 Young Internists:
Dr Andra Peksa (Latvia), Dr Marek Felsoci (Slovakia)

Dr Andra Peksa, 3rd year Resident in Internal Medicine, Riga East University Hospital, Latvia

Thanks to FDIME bursary I had the possibility to attend the ESIM Winter School in Finland, Levi 21.-26.01.2018. From few of my colleagues I heard only great stories, but it was far beyond better than I excepted. First, the location. Of course, hearing the weather forecast had me scared a little bit, -30°C is no joke, but with a little bit of preparation (and layers, layers, layers) it was great to finally experience a real winter and winter fun, especially the husky safari.
The atmosphere itself was amazing. Starting from the lectures and lecturers, and of course the participants – all the sharing of experiences and being able to discuss not only between ourselves but with faculty members as well. Everybody was open and up for an interaction.

It was a great balance between lectures, workshops and clinical cases. From each of the lecturers and clinical case presentations there was something to take away for yourself, how to perform, present, structure your presentation and answer questions. The Workshops and clinical cases was a great way to put our minds together and discuss, as well as to see how things are approached from a different perspective; how and what is done as a standard, what is available in different countries varies.

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FDIME Best Poster Award Ceremony at ECIM Congress, Milan 2 September 2017


Out of 700 posters submitted 10 were chosen to report their research during the FDIME Best Poster Award Ceremony. The jury consisted of Nica Cappellini, Runolfur Palsson, Pedro Conthe and Ieva Ruza. The prizes were presented by Runolfur Palsson (EFIM President) and Jan Willem Elte (FDIME Secretary General).

Three prizes have been awarded:

1st R. Aranda Blázquez e.a. Prognosis of heart failure with preserved ejection fraction treated with ACEIs: a case-control study in the community. (Puerto Royal, Spain)
R. Aranda Blázquez
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The ESIM Summer School Ede, The Netherlands 25 June -
1 July 2017


FDIME awarded educational bursaries to:
Zane Svikle (Latvia) and Nikola Panic (Serbia).

Zane Svikle and Nikola Panic
Report from Zane Svikle 3rd year Resident in Internal Medicine at Pauls Stradins Clinical University Hospital, Riga, Latvia

I was sure I will learn many new things in ESIM, but in reality, I got so much more than expected. I expanded my mind and refreshed my passion for Internal Medicine. My best experience was with the sonography workshop, lecture on delirium and “choosing wisely” workshop. I have met many brilliant colleagues and lecturers. I am really grateful for the opportunity what FDIME has been given for me offering the bursary to attend the ESIM.

Report from Nikola Panic 5th year Resident in Internal Medicine at University Clinic, Dr Dragisa Misovic-Dedinje, Belgrade, Serbia

I had opportunity to attend European Summer School of Internal Medicine (ESIM) in Ede, Netherlands in period 25.06.2017.-01.07.2017. thanks to the FDIME Bursary. I would like to point out that the Summer School has not only met my expectations but far beyond. The lectures and workshops were designed in order to meet the needs of internal medicine residents all over the Europe. The quality of lectures was exceptional and lectures useful from the point of view of everyday clinical practice, but also teaching us how to recognize and treat some conditions we do not encounter very often. Lecturers were interactive, including and encouraging residents to participate in the discussions, keen to hear our comments and experiences. I would definitely recommend any young internist in Europe to take part in this great event and for those who need a support I would encourage them to address FDIME with their application as I am sure that their quality, willingness to learn and desire for improvement will be recognized.

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